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Will Maitre CEO Vederemar Design and Marketing Services

Hi, I'm William Maitre. I believe there are no obstacles
Just solutions, we have not thought of yet

Branding and Marketing Strategist.

About me

Hi! I’m Will Maitre, Veteran Entrepreneur. 

I came to the U.S. when I was six years old.  My family and I slept in the basement of friends for many years.  I taught myself English so I could leave the ESOL classes as soon as possible because I was being labeled as “stupid”.  Many people at that time didn’t think much of immigrants from Haiti, unfortunately some still don’t.  Fast forward to the age of 18. I was facing homelessness due to an impending eviction.  My solution? I joined the United States Marine Corps.

After two stints in the service, with both the Marine Corps and Army, I graduated with an Associates in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelors in Business with an HR concentration.  Not bad for someone who taught themselves to read and speak English through Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow.

After teaching myself graphic design and marketing, I decided to start my own business. Yay for the American dream!  It was not an easy road but I have learned a lot and continue to learn everyday with every project.

Today, I help business owners shine both on and offline.  With a unique perspective that rests in both the design and marketing world, I can provide business owners with a one, two, punch.  I love stories and how they can help make authentic connections.  Stories are the real competitive advantage.

Remember, there are no obstacles, just solutions we have not come up with yet.

If you need help gaining clarity and insight into your business in order to connect more authentically with your customers or clients,  I would love to be your guide in this journey.


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